The New Cathedrals photo published in the Sunday Times Magazine (London)

The double spread page as published in the Sunday Times Magazine (London)

One of my The New Cathedrals series got published in the Sunday Times Magazine of London last January. It was under the SPECTRUM section.

The caption reads:

Stairways to Heaven
With shopping bags in hand, worshipers congregate around a temporary altar to receive Sunday mass at the Ayala Center in Cebu, one of the Philippines’ busiest shopping malls. The ‘pop-up’ service is one of many taking place in public spaces across the country in an attempt to entice the nation’s Catholic population, numbering more than 70m, to find time for worship during their hectic daily schedules. The initiatives hasn’t pleased everyone; some traditionalists argue that it is putting people off going to church altogether.

This publication follows the Geo (Germany) print of the same photo last December 2011 in a double spread.