Some old retouched photos that I did years ago

I’ve been looking for some images in my archive when I stumbled on an old photo of my grandmother, Lola Tasyon that I retouched and cleaned up using Photoshop. I think I did this three years ago and I just think that I will put some photos that I did some photoediting work on several years ago. After going over other images, I found four that I want to show.

The archival photo of my Lola Tasyon’s younger self was a bit of a challenge as it was badly creased and parts of the surface has peeled up along these creases. There were also some discoloration but for the purpose of cleaning this up, I focused on removing the lines that marred greatly the image. I then applied a black and white layer to even out the discoloration.

The second and third images are the churches of Nagcarlan (Laguna) and Guiguinto (Bulacan) that I shot for the book Philippine Church Facades (2007). Because it is a study of the different facades of Philippine heritage churches, the author, Fr. Pedro Galende, OSA wanted to have a cleaned up front. These images are just two of the quite challenging church photos that I had to address.

The Nagcarlan photo is actually a composite of nine different images that I assembled. Because of the circumstances present at site, there’s actually a fenced island at the quadrangle at the front of the church that is also a parking lot and it is quite impossible to have a single shot of the church without including these. I had to take different shots of parts of the church but taking into consideration the ratio and proportion. On the other hand, the Guiguinto photo is more of editing out the electrical lines and a thin post at the front.

Lastly, the photo of the Plectrone sp. is the one I did for my beetle site Salagubang and is one of my first attempts in photoediting work, circa 2006.

Photoshop before and after

Old photo before and after

Photoshop before and after

Nagcarlan Church before and after

Photoshop before and after

Guiguinto Church before and after

Photoshop before and after

Plectrone sp. before and after