Just concluded digital Photography workshop at UPFI

My students in the UPFI May 2012 Digital Photography class

What a blast! Last Friday marked the culmination of our Digital Photography Workshop at the UP Film Institute. After a week of intensive lessons covering the photography basics, camera gear familiarization, composition and many other topcis, my class headed out to the Sunken Garden in UP Diliman for their hands on shooting.

It’s heartening to see their photos. Although, as exepected, not all are immediately perfect as it is but during the critique session, I, more or less, demonstrated how to better capture or frame a particular photo: does the photographer need to move a few inches to the left or right or even go down for a better angle? Focus more on a particular element? Adjust the settings for better exposure? This are just some of the things that, I imparted. Of course, there were promising images. With better adjustment of contrast and saturation, might already be a winner.

The workshop participants were a varied lot with the youngest at just 12 years old. There were college and high school students and professionals all wanting to know how to better take pictures, understand their equipment better, or just to start Photography as a hobby.

Prancess, one of the younger participants emailed me to share her learnings, which I do appreciate a lot:

…A few important and core lessons I learned from our class:
What is my intent in taking a photograph?
A photo should excite and make a viewer interested.
This is a chance to share and inspire others.
Learn to see order in all the chaos in the world…

Keep on shooting guys. Hope well be able to schedule a fun shoot together soon.