I’ve been selected for Photoquai 2013 in Paris, France

The New Cathedrals

The beautiful architecture of NAIA Terminal 3, the country’s premier airport, dwarfs the holy mass in one of its spaces

It was really great news reading an email two weeks ago to be told that my work will be exhbitied!

Yes, I got selected for the Southeast Asian section of Photoquai 2013, of which, there are three other photographers from within the region. One each from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. I’m representing the Philippines. The Photoquai 2013 will be shown this April in Branly, Paris, France and this Asian section is being curated by Alexander Supartono.

The New Cathedrals work has been ongoing for quite sometime now but I still have a lot to cover. There are still malls and spaces that I have to go to and take images of the Catholic mass being celebrated outside the church.

After being published in Germany and London, as well as shown in Noorderlicht 2011, I’m glad that this will be shown in another, such a prestigious international photography festival as Photoquai 2013.