"Filipino Faith and Spirituality"

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PAGTU-O means Faith in Cebuano, a central Philippine language and my mother tongue. Religion has always played a major role in Filipino life. Even in pre-hispanic times, animist beliefs have governed lives and held sway to every aspect of living. When Spain colonized and introduced Christianity/Catholicism, majority of the early inhabitants accepted, adopted and adapted it. After more than 400 years, Catholic practices, from rituals to everyday living, are amalgamations of the indigenous and the introduced.

PAGTU-O is also my personal long term project started in 2005 when, with my Canon G5, ventured out one Good Friday afternoon to document lenten practices in Cebu. From that time to the present, I have always been lured to do stories on faith and religion. Perhaps, this is my way of trying to make sense of my own beliefs and doubts.

This body of work is still very much in progress. While my early photo stories were more focused on rituals and practices, I’m very much excited as I embark on a new phase and that is documenting how the sacred permeates the everyday and ordinary.

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