Dakbayan: Skylines, an ongoing photography project


For the past two years, I’ve been documenting the city skyline as part of my new personal photography project, Dakbayan: Skylines, Cebuano for city. I’ve always been fascinated with cities, urbanity, consumerism, and architecture. A fascination that has been ignited further when I took a workshop with Peter Bialobrzesky in 2008 which resulted in our group exhibition, Mapping Invisible Cities that was shown in key ASEAN cities and Hamburg. My work for this project was entitled, Non Places.

In 2009, I started The New Cathedrals which bridges my interests in Architecture and Urbanity and Filipino Faith and Spirituality, the latter I have been doing work documenting Holy Week rituals and Philippine heritage churches. The church work resulted in three coffee table books.

The opportunities I had of traveling in Thailand and my work as an architecture photographer has made this a possibility. Often taken amidst interiors work usually in high rise condominiums, the scenes just unfolded before me and I got fascinated and entranced. A beautiful landscape of buildings, residential areas, and everything in between.

Dakbayan is envisioned to be an umbrella project that will eventually focus farther than city skylines. But for now, this work and The New Cathedrals will fall under this one.