Cebu’s heritage watchtowers in Going Places magazine March 2017

Going Places March 2017

My latest article in my Going Places column, Langyaw Travel

Going Places March 2017 cover

My monthly travel column, Langyaw Travel now published in this issue of Going Places magazine featuring the under appreciated heritage fortification structures that line the coastal areas of southeastern Cebu.

The Spanish friar, Fray Julian Bermejo arrived in the pillaged town of Boljoon in 1802. The town was in ruins and the church unfinished due to a Muslim slave raiding in the late 18th century. It was because of this that he decided to construct a series of telegraphic watchtowers to warn the southern towns of impending raids, call the townsfolk to the church and prepare the volunteer militia to fight the raiders.

And it was successful, with one clear result when in 1815, a fleet of slave raiders were defeated and with the peace in the seas, the current town of Oslob, then was transferred to its present location from its fortified settlement two kilometers away.

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