Reflections at Bellevue Resort’s Infinity Pool

Reflection of the resort's building in its infinity pool
Reflection of the resort’s building in its infinity pool
I had a great time staying at one of Panglao Island’s newest and luxurious 5 star hotel, the Bellevue Resort.

I will discuss more about the experience in my travel blog, Langyaw, but early this morning, I woke up at 0530H and gazed from the balcony. The sun hasn’t breached the horizon yet and it was just so beautiful that I hurriedly went down with my camera. As I came from an airconditioned room, I waited for the camera temperature to adapt to the surroundings, or until the fog has cleared from the lens. By the time it got clear, the sun is already breaking out.

Most of us are familiar with infinity pools and when shooting one, its always good to bear in mind that one should take advantage of the clean reflection of the sky. With this, I looked at one angle and saw the potential of a particular image. Thus, with the camera placed at an angle as close to the ground as possible, I got this shot.

It is a clean shot. The beautiful architecture of the building as well as the breaking morning sky reflected in the pool. Yet, the tiles at the bottom of the pool still gives you a somewhat surreal image that will make the viewer stop, pause and look.

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