Rendaw, the Teduray spiritual leader

Rendaw, the spiritual leader of the Maguindanao Tedurays atop the “Brown Stone,” a sacred site of the tribe
Well into his 70s, Rendaw, the Teduray name of Orlando Mosela, has been the supreme spiritual leader of the Maguindanao Tedurays since 1979, or the Tungo kemamal ke adatan.

Rendaw held a kanduli atop the so called Brown Stone, a rocky outcrop near the peak of Mt. Firis, where traditionally, the bodies of the tribe’s spiritual leaders ascend into heaven. The thanksgiving ritual at the sacred spot is a first after more than thirty years of war in Maguindanao.

A few months ago, the site has been the lair of breakaway MILF leader Umbra Kato and for the past thirty years, they have been driven out of their ancestral homeland. With the well intentioned Bangsamoro framework signing in the offing, the Tedurays, Lambangian and Dulangan Manobos have walked to this site for the thanksgiving, also hoping that their voices be heard and considered when the Bangsamoro Framework will be implemented.

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